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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This website (hereinafter collectively referred to as "this website") is operated by Rosebay_hk (hereinafter collectively referred to as "rosebay"). Our Privacy Policy (collectively referred to as "this Policy") deals with the personal information you provide on this website.

We collect, process or use your personal data as follows:
• We collect, process or use personal data to improve your user experience
• We collect, process or use personal data in a secure manner
• You decide how you want to receive messages
• We only collect, process or use personal data as necessary

Protect your privacy

Rosebay cares about protecting the privacy and security of customers and visitors to this website. We value and understand how important your privacy is to you. If you have any questions or concerns about the way we protect your privacy, please contact us on WhatsApp: 5287 2047.

This Policy includes our Cookies Policy, which involves our services to you and complies with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong. This policy is formulated in accordance with and in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. If any relevant legal provisions conflict with this policy, the laws of Hong Kong shall prevail. By entering this website and providing your personal information, you agree to and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts.

How we use your personal data

We use your information according to the nature of the information and the type of service you use, and within the scope you set.

Name and contact information: to send you ordered products and to send you service information (without this information, transactions will not be possible). Providing your personal information will effectively help prevent and detect fraud, and at the same time allow us to understand your preferences and provide you with the latest products and latest event information. We will use your personal information according to the conditions you allow to deliver information about products and services to you.

Payment Information: For collection and refund procedures (without this information, the transaction will not be possible). We also use this information to prevent and detect all fraudulent activity. the

Your contact history information with this website: To provide perfect service (without this information, the transaction will not be able to proceed). We also use this information to train our staff in order to provide you with the most effective customer service.

Purchase records and stored products: To analyze and predict your preferences, provide you with customized website services and experiences, communicate information that meets your preferences, provide customer service and support, and process return procedures (without this information, transaction will not be possible). This information will effectively help us understand your preferences and those of all customers.

Mobile phone or laptop information and usage habits of this website: This information helps us set default options for you (such as currency), provide you with the best shopping experience, and also effectively helps us protect this website and prevent and detect abuse of you Or a scam against Rosebay.

Account information leading to this website from social media: You do not need to set up a new account to log in to this website. At the same time, your account information also allows us to provide you with more accurate product recommendation information.

Others: We are constantly improving our services and collecting new information to expand business opportunities. If we collect personal data from customers on a large scale or significantly change the way we use personal data, we will revise the content of this policy and further notify you.

We do not compel customers to provide us with personal data. However, if you choose not to provide personal information, you may not be able to purchase on this website, nor can you enjoy the services and perfect customer experience we provide.

We will collect personal information in a concealed manner (without disclosing anyone's identity) for information (IT) system testing, research, data analysis, improvement of this website and mobile applications, and development of new products and services. We will share your personal data with third parties for essential processes.

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We will not sell your personal data to unrelated third parties.
However, in order to provide you with the services of this website, we must share your personal data with the following third parties:
• All parties involved in the product order, such as payment processors, warehouses, product packers, and shipping companies.
• Professional service providers who assist in our operations, such as marketing agencies, advertising partners, and hosts of this website.
• Law enforcement and fraud prevention agencies, and all statutory authorities.
• Websites that you have verified, such as social media sites (if you choose to use your social media account to log in to this site).
We may anonymize customers' personal information and provide third parties with the aggregated information and analysis results (without revealing anyone's identity).

marketing message

With your permission, we will send promotional information to you by email or text message to provide you with the latest developments and help you understand our products.

Rosebay Online Advertising

We use online advertising to provide you with the latest brand news and help you understand our products.
We display advertisements of interest to you through various digital marketing and advertising. The advertising methods we use include Pixels, Cookies, and ad marking services.
We may serve banner advertisements tailored to your interests based on how you use the site (for example: your search history, what you read on this site).

save your data

Under reasonable circumstances, it is necessary to comply with laws or regulations, resolve disputes, prevent fraud and abuse, or must enforce our terms and conditions. In the above cases, even if you have closed your account or no longer use this website For any service, we may still ask to retain some of your data.

Changing the way privacy is protected

In order to let customers know how we process and use customer personal data, we may revise the privacy policy at any time.

If there are any major changes to this policy, we will explain it on the Rosebay website. Please read about changes to the website.

After you accept and agree to the notice of the revised version of our privacy policy, it means that we will immediately collect, process and use personal data in accordance with the terms of the revised version.


If there is any discrepancy in meaning between the Chinese translation of the terms of this website and the original English version, the original Chinese version shall prevail.

How to contact us

If the customer:

• Any questions or comments about this policy
• ask us to stop using your personal data
• To request the enforcement of the stated rights or to file a complaint

You can through WhatsApp: 5287 2047

Get in touch and we'll be happy to assist.